Axia Consultants RFI RFP Accounting Software - Privacy Policy





Axia Consulting Limited (Axia) is committed to protecting your privacy. To this end, we will adhere to the following policy.


Information collection

We will collect information about you for three reasons:

  1. to process your order
  2. to provide you with impartial consultancy advice
  3. to give you the best possible service

When you provide us with your personal information through the Axia Consulting ( website, we will treat it in the strictest confidence. All information will be collected and held lawfully, in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Information use

Personal information which you give to Axia Consulting Limited will be used exclusively by Axia Consulting Limited. That is, to provide you with the products or services you have requested, and/or information about these which match the needs and requirements which you have identified, or expressed an interest in.

On occasions, we may email you with updates, developments, newsletters and other information on areas that you have identified as of interest to you.

We will only send you emails after we have your permission to do so. We will keep the emails as brief and concise as possible. And we will stop sending you emails, when you ask us to stop.

Information sharing

We will NOT pass or give any of your personal information to other organisations and/or individuals, except with your prior consent (or unless we are required to by law).

We will NEVER sell or rent your personal information.

Information quality

We will update our records should your information or interests change and ensure that any subsequent emails/communication you receive reflects this. Should you find any inaccuracies, please let us know and we will correct them.

Information security

We will keep information about you securely and protected from unauthorised change or theft.

Changes to Axia’s Privacy Policy

Axia Consulting Limited may amend this Policy from time-to-time. Please revisit this web page to check whether or not any changes have been made.

Axia Consulting Limited’s Privacy Policy does not extend to areas which are beyond Axia’s control, such as with the transfer of data across the Internet, with SWREG, or with Google - please see below.

Axia’s Online Shop (provided by SWREG) / SWREG Privacy Policy

As well as purchasing Axia’s products directly from Axia, customers may also purchase Axia’s products through our online shop. This is provided by SWREG, Inc., which is part of Digital River, Inc. Please refer to the SWREG Privacy Policy at for their policy about information collected, uses, protection, cookies, sharing, choices, accuracy and access.